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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Let's have another one

The "let's have another" conversation was going to happen sooner or later.  I just didn't think it would be the DH who would bring it up.

In everything I've read lately, it's always the female wanting another child, and the male politely resisting.  A couple of examples:

Ann Enright in Making Babies: Stumbling into Motherhood:
"When the baby is a month old - he is so gorgeous - I come, momentously, to a decision.  I can't help it.  I just have to say it.  Of course I should bide my time, I should wait a month, or more: I should be canny about this thing, because this is an argument I feel I must win - but I end up blurting it out instead.
I say, 'I really think we should have another one.  I really do.'
And Martin says, 'I am trying to drive the car.'"

Or Eva in We Need to Talk About Kevin:
""Franklin, I want to have another child."
I opened my eyes and blinked.  I had surprised myself.  It may have been my first experience of spontaneity in six or seven years.
You wheeled.  Your response was spontaneous, too.  "You cannot be serious.""
We were having an in-car-conversation about our short-medium term plans.  I was talking about what we could achieve once I went back to work, starting with getting some of our house renos finished.  Then BOOM, the DH says, seemingly out of the blue: "And how about you being up the duff by Christmas?" (he's so romantic this one - what a catch!).
Me: Glazed-eyed silence.  I stare out the window.  My eyes water a little.  Then I let out a little laugh just in case it was a joke.  There was no laugh in response so I gathered he was serious.  So I said: "you've enjoyed this fatherhood thing then?"
DH: "Well it's been hard, but yeah I enjoy it.  So how about it?"
Me: More staring into the distance.  Brain not really computing.  "Umm, I'll think about it."  The DH obviously never read this blog post.

I'm still thinking about it.

At the risk of becoming passe, I've devised another appropriate Tui ad for this situation:

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