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Mother of two, telling it straight about motherhood.  I work full time, mother after-hours, and blog very rarely.  I am yet to find work/life/chaos balance.

Stars of this blog:

Captain Boringvoice: my significant other and possessor of a soporific reading voice.
Milkbaby: almost four years old, a recovering milk addict.
The Sailor: most recent addition to the family, so called because he was born 'en-caul', and according to ancient lore, will be forever protected from drowning.

Here's my first ever blog post, on why I started this blog.  And here's a later one, on why I write.

Some of my best blog posts (if I do say so myself), include the one where I compare pre-schoolers to drunk people, an introduction to the principles of criminal law via a picture book, the series where I got mastitis, the one where I busted out some pretty special drawing skills, and the one where I totally bastardised a literary classic (sorry, Solzhenitsyn).


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  2. Hi. I'm pretty sure this is not a good place to put this message but I'm not sure where else to put here goes.

    I was hoping you could offer some guidance.

    I’m looking at starting a service with a friend of mine that provides a hamper with all the essentials for newborns and new parents in one purchase. I know that when I had my child this would have been a big help.

    I put together a website here. (please note it is by no means finished. I just got really excited by the idea and thought it would be useful in getting feedback.)

    I’m particularly interested to get your opinion on what you would include or exclude anything from the hamper?

    Any other thoughts would be most welcome.

    Speak soon.

    Danny Healy


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