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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The maternity leave TO DO list

My maternity leave came to an end last Thursday.  I am now officially a "working Mom" (more on this later).  As opposed to a stay-at-home-Mom, or SAHM in internet speak.

My maternity leave TO DO list (the optimistic version) went something like this:
  • reorganise book collection
  • sort and put wedding photos into an album and some others into frames
  • get vege and rose garden sorted
  • unpack boxes from moving (almost 3 years ago)
  • become a proficient baker/sewer/knitter/homemaker

It should have looked more like this:
  • have baby
  • sleep
  • ignore piles of washing and dirty household
  • feed baby
  • sleep
  • sleep

Needless to say, I achieved NONE of the tasks on my original and very optimistic maternity leave TO DO list.  And only achieved ONE thing on the REAL TO DO list.  ("Have baby" - duh!)

I guess everything else will have to wait until I go on maternity leave again.



  1. How's the first week back gone? We should catch up for lunch :) xx

  2. Mine included 'Research new career directions, so that I can launch Career 2.0 - refreshed, enthused, more focused and more employable - once I'm back in work mode' and 'Explore idea of writing some kids' literature'. What was I THINKing??!

  3. It's amazing how much and how little you can get done in a year! I got nowhere near doing any of the things on my maternity list. Yet sometimes when I look back on it, I am amazed at how much energy and time I did put into somethings. Nowdays my expectations are a lower and my focus on much smaller achievements.


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