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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Feeding time at the Carnival

When he's not garrotting himself with the bib, or hurling things over the side of the chair, it struck me last week that getting food into Milkbaby's mouth is like getting a ping-pong ball into the mouth of a Carnival Clown.  Pretty much impossible.  And messy.

Photo by Pixelfish74

It's the same with vomiting.  This is a regular occurrence in our house.  So regular I'm considering buying shares in The Rug Doctor.  Holding an about-to-vomit baby is like holding one of those clowns.  The head swivels back and forth, and you pivot wildly around the sink, hoping not to catch a chest-full of sick.  Also pretty much impossible to get right.  

And the prize for getting your aim spot on?  Another soft toy?  A giant one?  Pretty pleeeaase?????

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