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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Enjoy yourself

Me, to Milkbaby: "The sooner you start creche the better buddy.  I'm pretty much over this motherhood caper."

Milkbaby: "Ohm"

DH: "You should enjoy it you know, there's not much time before he starts, and it'll go so fast."

Me: "There's nothing enjoyable about it."

Milkbaby: "AAaaeergh" (frustrated scream, translating as "would you stop trying to shove that bloody awful porridge down my throat and let me go and play on the stairs")

Me: "Yeah buddy, I feel the same way - I've had three hours sleep and now Dad's giving me a lecture on how I should be enjoying myself."

DH: "I'm not giving you a lecture."

Me: "It is a bloody lecture!  Stop pushing my bloody buttons!"

Milkbaby: "AAEEeerrgh!!!"

Me: "Please would you eat something?  Come on, it's really tasty."

And so it goes.  That was breakfast.

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