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Thursday, January 27, 2011

6 months down, 25 years to go

You spend most of your pregnancy thinking the labour's going to be the hardest bit.  As my cousin said to me after Milkbaby was born: "no one tells you before you have a baby that giving birth is the easy bit, or that progress is managing to shower before lunchtime.  Hang in there."  At two weeks post partum this was so close to the truth I had to have a little cry.

In terms of breastfeeding, everyone says the second night's the hardest.  Then there are lots of people who say the first six weeks are the hardest.  And a few who say it's the first three months that are the hardest.  And another bunch who'll claim that the first six months are the hardest.  It's all true.  

But now that Milkbaby has reached that magic 6-month milestone, I'd like to put my own milestone out there: the first twenty-five years are the hardest - I'm sure it gets easier after that.  I'll let you know in 24 and a half years if I was right.

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