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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

These are called my what?

I've always been a fan of real names for body parts.  So were my parents.  In fact they were the original 'real namers'.  Until we were teenagers we even called them by their names, instead of the usual "mum" and "dad".  One aspect of our teenage rebellion was reverting to the more-easily-grunted/whined/yelled monosyllabic monikers.

While we've not been quite so worried about Milkbaby calling us "mum" and "dad", we've encouraged the use of real names for body parts that might otherwise be called boobs, fanny, junk, nuts, dick etc etc.  This has led to a couple of hilarious moments.

One in particular, has led to a renaming of a particular body part in our house.

We're driving in the car, and I notice that Milkbaby is playing with his penis.

"Honey, leave your penis alone."
"I'm not playing with my penis."
"It certainly looks like you are."
"No, I'm touching my nexticles."
"You mean your testicles."
"No, they're my nexticles.  They're my nexticles because they're next to my penis."

Those are some nexticles.

1 comment:

  1. Hilarious! I don't think I'm ever going to be able to call them anything but nexticles ever again!
    You've got me to thinking about what we call all our bits in our house. Willy and penis get used equally, as do testicles and balls. I always call breasts boobs and Joe will inform you if you ever ask, that the area between a girl's legs is her… Bagina. That's right, there's no V in Bagina. I'll tell him about nexticles tomorrow. He'll love it :-)
    Lovely to have you back blogging Aphra. xxR


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