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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Nursing strike!!

This baby is on strike.  That's it.  He's had it with working for his food.  His other demands, as represented to me by the Working Babies' Union, include:
- healthier dinnertime rations
- freedom from brotherly displays of affection and bothering
- ability to yank the cat's tail
- being read to, on demand, for as long as he pleases.

The lone member of the Working Babies' Union, flanked in solidarity
by members of the Downtrodden Childrens' Union.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

I've been forced to bring in a strike breaker (boo, hiss):

Five days in, the nursing strike continues.  I continue to offer milk at all the usual and many points in the day The Sailor may care to nurse.  His reactions range from mild disinterest to all-out extreme rejection.  If he could talk he'd say something like:

"Don't even THINK about unclipping that bra and putting me in that nursey-nursey position.  WHAT? Did you not even NOTICE I'm NOT interested?!  Get that NIPPLE out of my FACE!!  Ugh I can't even stand the SIGHT of you." [screaming, back arching, general carrying on]

Geez.  Was it something I said?

To my relief, in the dead of the night, and completely passed out asleep, he will have milk.  As if being mostly-asleep and in the dark means that the strike continues unbroken.  As soon as there's a hint of daylight he's all "What? You thought we were back to NORMAL?  Well you thought WRONG!  Get that nipple out of my FACE already!"

The main problem with this strike is that bedtimes now do not get the benefit of that last drowse-inducing snuggle, or indeed much snuggling at all, since The Sailor has not yet worked out that making a fuss and carrying on is not conducive to sleeping.  Though nor will a nipple in the face convince him.

I've contemplated a worker lockout.  But I'm not ready.

I may even contemplate arbitration.  Expert (medical) advice suggests mouth discomfort caused by an ulcer - but I suspect this is now an excuse rather than the reason.

Whatever the cause, this mama refuses to accede to the demands of the Working Babies' Union.

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